Date: 23-3-24 - 2006  
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Lionel Miskin courtecy of Dennis Lowe
  Lionel Miskin  
  Updated: 31.05.19  Falmouth Art Gallery Exhibition
Stuff and Nonsense 22.06 - 07.09.19
Included: Lionel Miskin, Lewis Carroll, Edward Lear, Spike Milligan and more, all original works on loan.
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  The artistic work of Lionel Miskin.
 Born in Cannes to Anglo-Argentine parents.
Studied at Oriel College Oxford University. Went to The Slade School of Art and later St. Martins. Department head Falmouth Art College lectured in Art History.
  Black and white photo of Lionel taken by Dennis Lowe.
Lionel's ceramic`s
When Bernard Leach visited he came eye to eye with the monster. It was the first time he had seen any of my pots. though I`d known him for a while. Naturally I was extremely worried, knowing what a dreadful old puritan he was and how he really admired the most elegant, the most Japanese ware. I thought dear God Almighty, what's he going to make of this? But actually he was very good natured and I was slightly redeemed because at the time all the decorating I did was in slip. He was a very generous sort of man.
Text cortacey of: Andrew Lanyon`s book.
Lionel Miskin`s
New updated galleries: Lionel's hand glazed plates
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Prue during World War 11 was a code breaker at Bletchley.
  Cyclops Dan was a series of hand drawn illustrations  
  which you can see by clicking the image.  
"A wonderful man with a truly unusual perspective on life "
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